See classic cars up close with Mal Lawal’s vintage extravaganza

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Showcasing the private collections of Qatari car collectors, Mal Lawal 3 is every car lover’s dream. With authentically preserved vintage vehicles in their original form on display, the exhibition not only is a feast for the eyes but also one full of nostalgia, passion and dedication.

Motorheads rejoice as Mal Lawal 3 brings the most prestigious classic cars to the doorsteps of one of Qatar’s most prestigious museums. Displaying the private collections of two esteemed Qatari car collectors, as well 26 Qatari general collectors at the National Museum of Qatar (NMoQ), this exhibition is truly a spectacular showcase of some of the most-esteemed and timeless vehicles.

Since 2012, the Mal Lawal, or ‘of the past’ exhibition has been showcasing a fascinating range of local and regional collectors and this third edition is no different as it visually brings the beauty of vintage cars to the forefront, while unfolding the cultural and historical impact some of these cars had on Qatar’s country and its people.

The cars are an amazing blast from the past, ranging from the 1955 BMW 502 to the 1967 Dodge D100. Cars such as the Dodge were incredibly popular in Qatar, often used for road trips within the country. The exhibition also includes the 1984 Land Cruiser Jeep which was a valuable car in Qatar due to its strength and capacity to transport large amounts of animals and cargo during that time. The 1951 red Bedford pickup on display provides a sentimental memory because it was favoured due to its superior ability to drive over sandy terrains. As a result, it was used for holy pilgrimages to Makkah during the 1960s.




Museum Park St, Doha


runs until August 1, 2021 

The two established Qatari private car collections belong to Salem Saeed Al-Mohannadi and Omar Hussain Alfardan.

Director of the Mawater Center, Al-Mohannadi began collecting cars in 1997 and by 1999 had successfully opened a private car museum within Qatar. His vision was to showcase his personal collection of rare classic cars, and to create a place for car enthusiasts to enjoy and come together.

Al-Mohannadi believes that “the car is the vehicle of history, it is a primary carrier of humanities recent past, present, and future journeys — collect, document, and record those stories.”

Similarly, Alfardan, President and CEO of the Alfardan Group, began collecting cars in 1995. His collection grew into his own private museum named Letbelah, which means ‘covered park’ in Qatari slang. Alfardan’s philosophy is “collect the exclusive, maintain the soul, and enjoy the car during a drive.”

Mal Lawal 3 is symbolic as it is a reminder of the turning point in the social history of Qatar with the increased presence of cars in the mid 1950s. This excitement over cars soon turned into a love of car collecting for many, in order to preserve the sentimental moments in Qatar’s history.

The exhibition will run until August 1, 2021 with the cars on display changed every three months.

Photos: Courtesy of Mal Lawal

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