Challenging, commemorating and celebrating:

Compelling art shows to see in Qatar this week

Grey Times

Curated by Bahaa Abudaya and Saida Al Khulaifi, Grey Times features 18 artists’ reflections on the challenges of the Coronavirus pandemic. The exhibition consists of two sections, A Look Inside and A Look Outside, both challenging the audience and the artists themselves to contemplate the interaction between the self and the other.

The exhibition’s original concept, The Relationship Between Visual Arts and Literature, shifted focus due to the spread of the pandemic, allowing the artists to explore relationships with memories, heritage, surroundings, nature and technology during confinement and isolation.

Oscillating between a global reality and individual experiences, the exhibition features various artworks by designers, filmmakers, photographers, and architects.


The exhibition will take place in the Fire Station, Garage Gallery until July 24

You can register for free here

A Falcon’s Eye


The exhibition will be held at the Qatar Museum of Islamic Art (MIA) until April 10

In commemoration of the late Sheikh Saud bin Mohammed bin Ali Al Thani, Qatar’s Museum of Islamic Art is hosting an exhibition entitled Falcon’s Eye, showcasing over 300 artworks collected by the former Minister of Culture.

From fossils to minerals and animals, the exhibition channels Sheikh Saud Al Thani’s passion for nature and the preservation of endangered species, which he developed at a young age by visiting museums of natural histories and learning about 16th century art collectors.

His eagerness is also exemplified through his initiation of the Al Wabra Wildlife Preservation. Originally his family farm, Sheikh Saud Al Thani later transformed it into a site of preservation of rare species of birds.

The exhibition also includes a variety of antiquities from the pharaonic era to the Greek and Roman empires and Islamic history. His collection varies from jewellery, artefacts, and sculptures. In addition to antiques, Sheikh Saud’s collections did not fall short of contemporary modern artworks that ranged from photographs to artefacts from the Renaissance.

Arab Women Artists Today: Lamia Joreige

The year-long lecture series titled, Decolonizing Art Narratives: Arab Women Artists Today, is featuring this week award-winning Lebanese artist and filmmaker Lamia Joreige, whose work has been exhibited in USA, UAE, Lebanon, Italy and France.

The series between VCUarts Qatar, the Painting and Printmaking Department, and the Fire Station offers a platform for women artists across the Middle East to critique, discuss and delve into questions of gender representation, history and colonisation in modern art.

Lamia Joreige’s lecture will explore with the audience the ways in which archival documents can help us reintroduce the remembered and omitted parts of history.


The lecture will take place this Wednesday, February 27 virtually. Register for free here

Palestinian Embroidery Workshop with Majdulin Nasrallah


Learn more about the workshop and register here

In exploring art as a form of storytelling, Majdulin Nasrallah, an interior design graduate from VCUarts in Qatar, will host a workshop at the Fire Station studio as way to teach people the skills, techniques, and materials used in embroidery (or Tatreez), a significant part of the Palestinian culture.

Nasrallah, whose work has been exhibited in Russia, Qatar and Germany, looks at the ways in which art objects, architecture and interior design allows people to navigate their encounters with their political realities.

Participants will have the chance to dig into their own understandings of these notions by creating personalised pieces of embroidery.

PHOTOS: Cover – VCUarts Qatar, 1 – Majdulin Nasrallah “Exile”/Qatar Museums, 2, 3 – Museum of Islamic Art, 4 – Azim Al Ghussein & Raviv Cohen, 5, 6 – Doha Fire Station/Facebook.

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Stay up-to-date with our stories about Qatar and Russia