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Getting a pandemic nation moving with Qatar National Sports Day in Russia

Cover: Qatar Sports Day in Doha, 2015

While the pandemic can mean physical distance, it does not mean sports cannot be celebrated. The Qatar National Sports Day crosses Qatar’s borders and arrives in Russia to bring activities, training, lectures and masterclasses for all.

We may be facing a global pandemic with severe physical restrictions worldwide, but that doesn’t mean physical activities should come to a stop. Hoping to make sport available to all during this era of limitations, Qatar National Sports Day in Russia is kicking off five adrenaline-filled days of sports and activities from February 9.

Taking inspiration from Qatar’s yearly National Sports Day — a public holiday which has been taking place in February since 2012 — the event this year decided to overstep borders and make its way to Moscow to motivate and get people moving.

From online classes that promote workouts from the comfort of your own home, to live broadcasts and interviews with valued sports stars to get you inspired as well as nutritional knowledge from chefs and experts to help boost your energy and live a healthy lifestyle, Qatar National Sports Day in Russia has it all.

Also taking into consideration how the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has left a deep-rooted scar on the mental health of millions around the world, the event has incorporated a mindfulness theme, seeking to boost the spirit of partaking in physical activity through meditation, motivation, and practices that are filled with mindfulness.



9 – 13 February

In collaboration with the Qatari Embassy in Russia, the event offers an interactive website that consists of an exciting three step process, where signup is free and each of the five days is filled with different stimulating events to enjoy.

With a large number of sports personalities — like Kseniya Shoygu, head of the “Hero League” project and President of the Russian Triathlon Federation, Beslan Mudranov, 2016 Olympic Champion, European Champion and Honoured Master of Sports of Russia, and Sofia Dmitrieva, the International Master of Sports in Acrobatic Rock and Roll and champion of Russia and the world — as well as other celebrities and companies collaborating with the event, both countries have gone to full lengths to ensure physical activity is back in action this year, even if from a distance.

Photos: Cover, 1, 2 – Warren Little/Getty Images, 3 – Biddulph Photography/Shutterstock Qatar Sports Day in Doha, 2015

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Stay up-to-date with our stories about Qatar and Russia