The most memorable

dining spots in Qatar

When planning a trip to Qatar be sure to add dining experiences to your itinerary because even a casual brunch can turn into an extravagant affair when you venture out to the Middle East.

When it comes to picking memorable dining experiences in Qatar you’ll be spoilt for choice, so to help you out we’ve whittled it down to our top five. Bon appétit!

Brunch at the Westin Doha

Forget what you thought you knew about brunch – Qataris do it differently. And better. To them, brunch is more than just a lazy afternoon spent eating poached eggs – it’s a social event that requires several hours to slowly work your way through the sheer amount of food presented to you. Be prepared to sample cuisines from around the world, endless choices and a very full tummy.

The Westin Hotel in Doha takes brunching to another level and is a great spot to spend an afternoon with friends. The food is laid out in a buffet style and separated into several sections to cater to all cuisines, tastes and appetites.

Dig into a plate of fresh seafood, request the chef to rustle up some Pad Thai or try out the spit roast. Once you’re done with your mains head to the dessert room, or if sweets aren’t your thing there’s an entire room dedicated to cheese, brimming with every variation of fromage that you could dream of.

This is a great spot for a fun, long brunch with friends – you’ll be spoilt for choice

Sushi at Morimoto

Situated inside the lavish 5 star Mondrian Hotel, Morimoto provides a multi-sensory culinary experience and makes a good stab at producing modern Japanese cuisine.

Morimoto is the brainchild of eccentric celebrity chef Masaharu Morimoto, who you might have spotted on reality show Iron Chef. His larger than life personality is reflected throughout the restaurant and even in his food.

The menu boasts an array of dishes including a whitefish carpaccio infused with yuzu, ginger and chilli oil and the Mizuhiki salad, which is a showstopper in itself. Presented in a transparent scroll and tied with a silk ribbon, it is dramatically opened to reveal jewel-like pieces of steamed lobster on heirloom carrots, daikon and asparagus.

And then there’s the sushi. The chef’s selection of sashimi can’t be missed, in particular the Tuna Maguro, which is said to be freshly flown in first class from Japan. The Morimoto is a great spot to enjoy a decadent and memorable meal that takes sushi to another level.

Spectacular views at Al Mourjan

If you’re looking for a dining spot with the best views Al Mourjan
is worth the visit. Hailed as the best restaurant in Qatar (self-proclaimed, mind you) this is the only restaurant on the Corniche that overlooks the sea.

As far as settings go Al Mourjan’s outdoor seating area is stunning. If you manage to grab a seat on the terrace you’ll find yourself practically in the water. Coupled with the warm Gulf evening breeze and breathtaking views of the West Bay, dining at Al Mourjan is sure to be one of your most memorable dining experiences.

The food is equally as good as the setting. Enjoy an array of traditional Lebanese cuisine including tender lamb chops, hummus and salads. Then end the evening with a traditional hookah.

Instagramable meals at BOHO Social

Enjoy a traditional baked falafel and comforting beetroot hummus or be adventurous and sample the octopus with leek and purple potato puree

BOHO Social is one of the trendiest dining spots in Qatar. Their breathtaking cafe is set over two expansive floors, including a rooftop where you are able to bask in the sunshine and enjoy stunning views while enjoying a coffee and lounging on one of their ceiling swings.

The Bohemian chic theme gives it a quirky, yet inviting vibe. Think brightly coloured rugs and furniture, a lot of clashing prints and touches of wicker splattered throughout.

Once you get past the impressive indoor tree and decadent dessert displays you’re met with a menu that brings flavours from all over the world together in perfect harmony. With simple, fresh, locally sourced ingredients presented in a pretty way that just begs to be photographed and #hashtagged.

Coffee aficionados rejoice – BOHO Social also takes a culinary approach to the traditional cup of jo with three distinctive menus especially created for coffee. Depending on your taste and needs there’s the Espresso Bar, the Slow Bar and Speciality Lattes. Pick your poison and enjoy with a plateful of halawa truffles.

Three Sixty at The Torch

If you’re after a novelty dining experience then the Three Sixty restaurant will tick your boxes. As the name suggests, it is Qatar’s only revolving restaurant, located on the 47th floor of The Torch – a 300 metre tall skyscraper hotel.

Enjoy panoramic views from above and delicious cuisine as the restaurant rotates. The experience, which lasts for up to one and a half hours, allows diners to enjoy exquisite views of the city while sampling fresh Mediterranean cuisine. You’ll be spoilt for choice as you decide between a bowl of fresh pasta, slow cooked venison, a juicy steak or the Lobster Thermidor.

The ambience is further amplified by the soothing instrumental music played in the background and the high quality decor.

Three Sixty is ideal if you want excellent food in a luxurious setting with unbeatable views.

Photo: Courtesy of restaurants 

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