Dine out the halal way in Saint Petersburg

Not only considered to be the cultural capital of Russia but St. Petersburg is also known for its culinary delights, with many restaurants and cafes offering a halal menu. Be it experimenting with cooking techniques or bringing delicious food fresh from local produce to your tables, St. Petersburg’s gastronomic selection has it all – we pick some of the best places for you to get that real Russian food experience while keeping it halal.

Anna’s Secret Garden

Anna’s Secret Garden uses only plant-based ingredients from small farms. The menu contains entirely intricate dishes made from local products: millet with pumpkin, bread with pea pate, soup with pickled farm vegetables and a muffin with cranberries and nuts in salted caramel. In the cafe, located on the shore of the Gulf of Finland, about three hundred plants are grown, and its creators themselves go to collect and prepare seasonal products like ferns and morels.


Kozhevennaya line, 40

Working hours: 11AM–11PM

What to try: The spaghetti with morels in mushroom sauce

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Address: The Admiralty Canal Embankment

Working hours: 12AM–11PM

What to try: The creamy Finnish fish soup

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The Kokoko restaurant was originally conceived as a place that would revolutionise the idea of Russian cuisine. Chef Igor Grishechkin cleverly combines modern technologies, with traditional ingredients and memories of childhood flavours. They work here only with farm and seasonal products: in winter they prepare root crops, cereals and serve blanks, and in the summer they experiment with fresh herbs, vegetables and berries.


Harvest is built around conscious consumption: the restaurant tries not to throw anything away, with the garbage handed over for recycling and prepared from organic products, such as from the roots of vegetables. At Harvest, you should try the celery root with truffle sauce, broccoli pate with pine nuts, and one of their intricate desserts like the cauliflower ganache with red currants and black caviar.

Address: Dobrolubova avenue, 11

Working hours:
Sun–Thu 1PM–12AM,
Fri–Sat 1PM–1AM

What to try: The potato cheesecake with blackberry sauce

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Address: Kirochnaya st., 3

Working hours:

What to try: The main set

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Birch works in the popular gastro bistro format and offers visitors unusual signature dishes at affordable prices. The chefs here come out to talk with the guests, and one of the restaurant’s halls is given over as a tasting room. In Birch, it’s best to try everything at once and order a whole set of dishes together, for example, the main set offers scallop with kumquat and lime, eggplant with pear and gorgonzola, and Turkmen lemon with three textures.


When opening Meal, the creators of the restaurant were inspired by French neo-bistros and Scandinavian cafes. The main thing in the Meal philosophy is love for nature and organics. They advocate responsible consumption, cook locally and experiment with chef’s techniques. The main one is fermentation, for example, bread dough is made with sourdough, and fermented drinks like kombucha and water kefir are also offered.

Liteyny avenue, 17–19

Working hours:
1PM-4PM, 5PM–11PM

What to try: The tuna tartare with buckwheat koji and eggplant

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Address: Moika River Embankment, 84

Working hours: 7PM–11PM from Tuesday to Saturday

What to try: The baked celery root with camembert and sorrel sauce

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EM is a restaurant of author’s cuisine, located in an apartment on the Moika Embankment. However, according to the restaurant’s chef Olesya Drobot, EM is more like a theatre. Food is cooked here in a floodlit open kitchen, copper dishes on the walls resemble decorations, and a spectacular English cast iron stove defines the authenticity of the place.


The concept of Animals is based on three basics: bread, cheese and terroir. In the concept of “terroir,” the creators of the restaurant put the desire for locality, seasonality and environmental friendliness. The chefs do not use pork or any of its derivatives, and the meat is supplied here from the Muslim halal farm located in the Leningrad Region.

Address: Nekrasova st., 60

Working hours: 10AM–12AM; Mondays from 12PM

What to try: The wheat porridge with morels and hazelnuts

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Photos: press images of restaurants

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Stay up-to-date with our stories about Qatar and Russia