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An independent digital media platform that tells stories and shares values with a wide and diverse audience across the globe who speak Arabic, English and Russian —QR Media is the go-to source for information and advice on investment, trade, education, technology, science, travel, culture and sports in Qatar, Russia and beyond.

With Qatar being a true gem of the Middle East and Russia — an incredible country stretching across Europe and Asia — QR Media aims to bring these two unique cultures closer together for future collaborations and deeper understanding through news, articles, video content, infographics and other engaging features.

Qatari-Russian Centre for Cooperation (QRCC Group)

QRCC is an independent non-profit organisation that promotes multi-faceted bilateral relations between Qatar and Russia. With offices based in both countries, the group aims to develop mutual opportunities and initiatives that maintain an economy-driven dialogue, while improving existing and new relationships between both nations.

A partnership-focused organisation, QRCC hopes to develop commercially-oriented areas of interest between both countries in trade and investment, culture and arts, experience (travel) and the media. For the non-profit sector it aims to mutually facilitate information in the areas of science, technology, education, social and innovation.

Equipped with strong knowledge and expertise in both nations, QRCC consists of 110 full-time staff members in 10 functional departments, as well as solid cultural and media ties, that enable them to effectively advise government and private business entities about their endeavours in either country.

Using their expertise to participate in national and international events, some of their achievements include the Hamad Bin Khalifa University Business Mission to Russia in 2019, the Qatar-Russia International Year of Culture in 2018, Qatar at SPIEF 2019 Exhibition Participation and Gala Dinner, the IPAQ Business Mission to Moscow in 2019 and the Bilateral Investment and Trade Strategy in 2020.

The group has also brought together more than 500 companies in Qatar and Russia to engage in over 100 bilateral opportunities.

QRCC subsidiaries

The Office of Knowledge & Innovation (OKI)

With their well-established connections in Qatar and Russia, this department works to promote mutual knowledge transfer between the two nations. With a variety of opportunities beneficial for businesses and individuals, some of OKI’s services include start-up and SME acceleration, business matchmaking, innovation scouting, as well as joint educational programmes and exchanges such as Arabic language learning and testing.

The annual targets of this subsidiary are to help more than 100 companies and start-ups with research and ideas, to get up to 12,000 people involved in education-related activities and for at least 50 people to pass the Arabic language exam.

Some of the upcoming initiatives OKI is working on include Qatar’s participation at the Open Innovations Forum in 2020, participations in the World Innovation Summit on Health, a joint online session with Russia for Doha Forum, and the cross-promotion of educational opportunities.

The Qatar-Russia Investment & Trade Advisory (QRITA)

This commercial subsidiary encourages mutual private and public trade partnerships and investments to achieve higher economic value for the partners and clients.

QRITA helps businesses to navigate through Qatar and Russia’s legislation concerned with trade or investments and help them gain knowledge on the best business practices in either country. The advisory further assists businesses by advising them on asset acquisition or selling, evaluation of leads with follow ups, analytical support for portfolio management, potential partners and buyers search, export contract negotiations, and professional recommendations on expansion issues.

Its annual targets include gaining two investment deals, at least one investment roadshow, 4-5 export contracts, one business mission and at least one client representation. To reach these, QRITA participates in various events to strengthen economic ties. The most notable event is the upcoming SPIEF in 2021 where Qatar is the guest country for the event. Other events include the Qatar-Russia Digital Forum 2020, and the 5th joint Qatari-Russian Commission for Trade, Economic and Technological Cooperation.

The Cultural Creative Agency (CCA)

Bringing an artistic touch, CCA is the only promoter that focuses on developing strategic and creative representations of the countries, their cultures and their people. To achieve this, CCA organises cultural events such as exhibitions, performances, forums and film screenings. It also introduces both countries to each of their culture of media while encouraging the formation of new relationships between both nationalities.

CCA’s annual targets are to hold at least three events attended by national leaders or dignitaries and to have around 290,000 unique visitors at its cultural events.

The organisation is currently working on a number of initiatives to strengthen cultural ties, including Qatari Days at Peredelkino, the Amiri Reception at SPIEF in 2021, M’awaheb Music Festival at SPIEF 2021, Doha Film Days in collaboration with Doha Film Institute, and a Sheikh Faisal Bin Qassim Museum Exhibition for 2021.

The Qatar-Russia Experience (QRE)

The mission of QRE is to promote and plan tourism opportunities between both countries for leisure and business focused individuals. The kind of tours on offer are unique and curated for different experiences, accompanied by shared business opportunities that include the acquisition and selling of media rights.

To further promote tourism using its impeccable marketing skills, QRE organises events, camps, tournaments and other sports related events that attract tourists or are part of the curated experiences offered.

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Stay up-to-date with our stories about Qatar and Russia

Stay up-to-date with our stories about Qatar and Russia