Five reasons why Qatar should be on your travel bucket list

Qatar’s understated charm, rich culture and unrivalled hospitality makes it the ideal holiday destination. If you still need convincing here are five reasons why Qatar should be on your travel bucket list.


It has a rich and enthralling history

Qatar takes pride in being a country steeped in rich history and tradition. A prime example is the preservation of the Al Zubarah Fort, which stands proudly on an archaeological UNESCO World Heritage site and where you will find treasures that date back as early as the 1700s. The Barzan towers, built in the early 1900s and used as a watchtower, are also worth exploring to learn more about Qatar’s history. Then there’s the Doha Fort, a historical monument located in the middle of Souq Waqif which was originally built as a police station but has now been converted to a museum.


It’s a truly cultural experience

Qatar is known for its rich and varied cultures and there are no shortages of places to visit to learn about them. For a comprehensive experience of the Qatari culture you can book a 4-hour cultural tour to visit sites such as Souq Waqif, the Museum of Islamic Art, the Grand Mosque, Fanar and other notable landmarks, including the Katara Cultural Village — a space built to commemorate and celebrate different cultures from across the world. Here you can visit the opera house for an impromptu concert, spend an afternoon browsing the art galleries and heritage centres, or relax at the café nearby.


It’s family friendly

It doesn’t take a lot to keep kids happy on holiday but if you’re looking for a destination that makes travelling with children much easier then Qatar is the ideal choice. Qataris are known for their hospitality and this extends even more so to children. Travel in peace knowing that Qatar Airways was voted one of the best family-friendly airlines for its great selection of activities and meals for little ones. If that wasn’t enough to convince you, a recent report also found that Qatar is the safest country in the world. There’s also no shortage of things to do and see, including a plethora of parks, like the MIA park — known for its play area and view — museums with child-friendly activities and even action-filled adventure areas like the Megapolis.


It can be affordable

Qatar is known for its wealth and luxury, but you don’t have to be super-rich to visit. With a little planning, there are plenty of budget-friendly options and experiences to be had. Skip the lavish waterfront restaurants and head to Souq Waqif to enjoy some cheaper, more traditional, Middle Eastern fare at the food stalls. You can also haggle with the locals to get a better price on jewellery, spices and souvenirs. Then there’s the plethora of art galleries and museums to visit, which are all free. Qatar has invested heavily into its art and culture scene, which means you’ll find plenty of attractions and exhibitions at affordable prices.


It’s an all-rounder

Torn between a relaxing beach holiday and cultural city break? You can enjoy the best of both worlds when you visit Qatar, and in a short space of time too. As well as housing some of the most breath-taking architectural buildings and museums, Qatar is known for its luxurious beaches and relaxing holiday resorts. And, as it’s such a small country, most of the attractions are just a stone’s throw away from each other.

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