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16 facts that will help you understand Russia better

What is the coldest it can get in the Russian winter? How long would it take to travel from one end of the country to another? And what endangered species of animals still live here? Here are some surprising facts about the land of contradictions.

Text: Artem Ladeyshchikov, Illustrations: Khadia Ulumbekova 

17,125,191 km²

is the total area of Russia. 1480 Qatars (StatData) could fit inside it.


seas surround the country
(geography of Russia)


different nationalities coexist in Russia (StatData)


languages are spoken in the country (Russian Science Academy)


days is the record for the longest space mission ever, conducted by Valeriy Polyakov (Roscosmos)


religions are practiced in Russia (AdvanTour)


Nobel Prize laureates were born in Russian cities


million rivers flow across the country (vsereki)


active volcanoes are located in Russia (

-67.7 °C

is the record temperature in Verkhoyansk, the coldest city in the world
(Usa Today)

9,288.2 km

is the total length of the Trans-Sibirian Railway, the longest railway in the world (


of Russians own a cat, the highest percentage in the world (Dalia Research)


Siberian Tigers still live in Russia (RIA)


times zones intersect with Russian territory

1,642 m

is the depth of Lake Baikal, making it the deepest lake in the world (

7 days

is how long you need to travel from Moscow to Vladivostok via the Trans-Siberian Railway (Primamedia)

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